my dream… the "magic" of the brand

dew glistens fogging up the window as I awaken to my 7 am alarm. excitement and comfort fill my body with a gleaming smile. frantically I search for the tan breeches on my messy bedroom floor. it doesn’t take long to find them as the smell of hay and horse guides my nose. I tie up my paddock boots and pull on my chaps. blurred lines plays loudly on the radio while the car wheels travel along the bumpy potholed road making their way to the barn with my mom’s hands tightly gripping the steering wheel. 

everything feels magical. 

today is the day my dream comes alive.

I groom magic then gently tack him up with an english saddle and quietly lead him to the arena to warm up. we are ready. we walk patiently all the way to the very end of the pasture behind the pond. my muscles tense up out of pure excitement but only for a moment. I never felt more relaxed and ready. with my hands bunched up on his mane, my body transforms into a 2-point position. I squeeze magic with my legs and heels. we take off. dirt flies as all four hooves glide through the air at once. we are free. my hair blows in the wind with his mane, and my face lights up with a never-ending smile. all I think about is nothing…purely captured in feelings of ecstasy and depth. it is heavenly.


freedom. happiness. selflessness. magic represented that. his name was perfect. he truly was magic, and he showed me the true meaning of magic. galloping together in that open field and sharing that moment of freedom, we connected together as one. 

life is freeing if you let yourself fly freely. 


I hope this feeling travels through this brand wherever you wear it. it’s about mentally letting yourself go with the wind, not caring what others think, being one with yourself, making your dreams come true, enjoying the moment that is life.

this happy place is my home wherever I go.

it is magic.

and whenever I encounter trauma or fear
I remember how I felt galloping in that open field
and I know I can get through anything
if I always lead with an open heart and spirit and mind
I am free of fear
it is my life to live
my life to own
my decision to fly freely and past the ptsd 
and there I find myself on the back of a horse connecting with what really matters in life
the depths, the happiness, the love


…and on my journey of life constantly blazing my own trail I gathered metaphors through a horse’s eyes singing to me like a poem thoughtfully expressed through each garment.


1% of sales are annually donated to Horses for Mental Health


Your Garden of Life

in memory of…

anslibu was created to capture the feeling of freedom and a loving heart. when I was very young I always wrote cards to my elderly neighbors battling severe mental and physical pain. they gave me the beautiful gift of time… teaching me how to garden… be still, creative, hands-on. I think we lack the simplicity of taking time to thoughtfully let someone know we are thinking of them. my neighbors collected my cards in the front dresser of their house. their time has gone but I will always feel the warm exchange between us when I handed them a card knowing it was filled with the beauty of softness. a card is included in each purchase to spread this love and help others fly freely no matter their struggles. being warm and kind in the moment. let’s share it together.

with love, anslibu