from west hollywood to west village. made in nyc. may the garments speak to you like poems through a horse’s eyes - their metaphors for life

everyone should live freely, fly, and dream endlessly. 1% of sales are annually donated to Horses for Mental Health. let’s fly freely together and help others do the same.

Collection One: Your Dance of Life

and in the sky

I see my dreams

floating cloud by cloud

asking me to follow

hoof by hoof

one day me and the cloud 

will meet again

even if only in my dreams…

I long for the smooth grassy paddocks

the satin skirt represents the smoothness life can bring

the jacket shows the texture, the roughness that comes time to time

but one is not without the other

where there is green grass there have been clouds crying

and we live in their beauty

a horse transports us through their timeline

becoming one with nature fully

…wearable in a city that never sleeps yet a reminder of the green pastures and blue skies we gallop in

the wind flowing through me 

not only my hair

but who I am

it fills my entire being up with airiness

I made two pieces to capture the flowing wind that would float in the breeze

like a horse’s mane and tail when galloping

the light pink colors represent the romantic girly-ness of it all

a feminine kiss to life 

to my old self in beverly hills

paired with a bold turtleneck design

I am free I am dreaming I am alive

I am strong I am brave I am loved

I belong with the wind forever following its dance

I own myself and who I am